Autumn is here!

After a very unexpectedly busy summer (hence the lack of posting) I am back in Cardiff ready to start my second year. I have got this year off to a flying start; got a nice house with 2 lovely house mates, got 2 jobs within the uni one of which is well paid, and feel ready and prepared to start my second year of my course.

Now I am back at uni and back into a rhythm, I hope to be posting more! This year I want to do more beauty and home ware haul style posts. As I have moved out from halls into a house I have enjoyed shopping for nice stuff for my room and would love to show and talk about some of the items I got

Also, I have started up a new University themed blog. It was spurred on by my own experience in my fresher year at Uni, and all the information I would have like to know beforehand. Click here to check it out


Its Monday!

Its Monday! but in other things, I have finished all my first year assignments for university! BIG RELIEF!

This means that I can now focus on revising for my four exams, starting in two weeks time. I prefer coursework to exams and do much better in it. The uncertainty in exams works against me, but I try not to stress too much about it.

On another postive note… HOME IN 4 DAYS!

Back home for Easter

I left Cardiff and headed home to Hereford after my Friday morning lecture. I got back home in the late afternoon. I talked to my mum for a bit before Adam picked me up on his way home from work and we went back to his. We then headed out to his last darts team game before finals night next week!

On Saturday I had a guiding event to help out at. Our county is celebrating 100 years of girlguiding in the county this year. It was held at a local castle with the theme of an Enchanted Prom. I was dressed up as a Jester and spent the day taking Rainbows and Brownies around different activities. Adam picked me up from there at 8pm and we went back to his as he had Sunday off!

As you can tell, we are both wanting to see each other as much as possible! I also then spend Tuesday night till Thursday morning with him. He is off working on a show this weekend so I probably wont see him till Monday night! Such a long time! Oh the joys of love! ❤

In the little time I have spent at home I have unpacked, sorted out my work and started cutting out the fabric for a new dragon!

Looks like ita going to be a good easter break!

The end is near

Easter break is only a week away! My motivation has returned and I’m ploughing through my work and preparing for Easter and the exams that will follow. To add to my happy thoughts, Adam is visiting Tuesday night which has really helped me get through and perk me up. He really knows how to look after me that one does! ^-^

Motivation, or the lack of it

I am struggling with a severe lack of motivation at the moment. I am not really sure why, I think its a combination of many things including my course being pretty much a recap of A-level sociology, missing home, not liking halls and a longing for the Summer.

Since coming back to University after Christmas, I have been missing home much more than I was before Christmas. I think this is because my Christmas was so perfect spending so much time with my boyfriend and family. My boyfriend doesn’t have much money at the moment for reasons I won’t go in to so he is only coming up once a month at the moment, which works ok with me going home once a month as well, but I am missing him so bad at the moment and little things like that really get to me. We have so much planned for the summer, and the thought that I am going home very soon for a long Easter break gives me so much to look forward too, but also makes me fed up of ‘now’. Adam is so understanding of me and my anxiety and does everything he can to make me feel safe, even from 50 miles away; daily phone calls and nightly FaceTimes (normally lasting 2+hours)

I have no motivation at the moment to do university work, in part of my mind I have the want to do it, but for some reason, a bigger part just looses all concentration and motivation as soon as I try to do some work. Truthfully I think I just need a long break away at home to sort my self out and refresh, which luckily is only a couple of weeks away. At University I do not have a ‘half-term’ like in my past school and college, neither a ‘reading-week’ which is rare for my course, which I could really do with and I feel would benefit me greatly. But hey-ho, I have to make the best of my situation and get through these last few weeks!